A Feeding Protocol for Resource Guarding

by Steph Mahrle

My sister has three dogs total. Two senior dogs, Rosie, a twelve-year-old black lab, and Zeus, a thirteen-year-old Australian shepherd (Karma’s actual brother). Along with Bruce, a recently rescued nine-month-old Mountain Cur. Although, Bruce has been exposed to balanced training since my sister adopted him at ten weeks-old, he recently developed some sassy food resource guarding behavior. She immediately adapted to the situation, by developing, and implementing a new feeding protocol in order to squash the resource guarding. Here is what she had to say about the experience: 

“Implemented a new feeding routine. Bruce was showing some pretty obvious signs of food aggression. Not cool for any dog, but especially for nine-month-old-puppy that is about seventy pounds. I had to make feeding more calm which is quite a task in a house with four kids and three dogs. So now they take turns eating. Rosie eats first (she eats the slowest so she sets the pace), then Zeus eats and finally Bruce eats. They have to all lay down and wait for each one to finish. No whining, barking, trying to eat the others food even when it's right by them. So far they are all doing great.” 

-I am very proud of my awesome sister Sarah. She really took responsibility here. Very cool.

 Here's the pack in action.

Here's the pack in action.