Behold the awesomeness of the place command!

by Steph Mahrle

Zoe working at the PT office.jpg

Yesterday, I trained my physical therapist's dog Zoe (an eight year old chocolate lab) the "place" command. Here is the really awesome thing about Zoe, now that she has mastered the "place" command, she can totally hang out in the physical therapy office EVERYDAY! Zoe has a clear job. Her job is to chill out in "place", while her owner works with her clients. Resting in the "place" command, prevents Zoe from approaching guests who do not want her approaching, jumping, and freely roaming the office sniffing everything in sight. 

Zoe even had a chance to learn how to walk calmly on the treadmill in the office! She did a full ten minutes for her first session. You can check her out on the treadmill by going to this link :

How cool is that? Can you imagine hanging out with your dog at work and actually enjoying the experience? This is an example of how dog training is a lifestyle. I believe it is more important to include your dog in your daily life, than to work your dog up into a frenzy with treats and hastily held commands. 

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