Awkward Selfies with Karma

by Steph Mahrle

Karma the anti-selfie 1.jpg
Karma the anti-selfie 2.jpg

These two “selfies” that I took yesterday on my porch with Karma. It warmed up out here to a magical nearly thirty degrees we had a lovely structured walk together, and I thought I would try to capture how Karma responds to public displays of affection. 

Karma is a working dog. I got her as a pup from a sheep farm outside of Beloit. She has never really been overly interested in snuggling with me and sharing a ton of physical affection. Early on in our very unbalanced relationship, I was under the impression that if I gave her MORE physical affection and treats she would really start to warm up to me and become this easy going furry child. I was wrong. Like a lot of dogs Karma requires calm leadership and structure. Offering her too much eye contact, physical affection, and food makes her extremely anxious. From the thirteen years we have spent together, I know how calm she can be when provided with lots of structure and limited excitement in the way of either food praise or physical praise. 

When we are not actively working, she is not impressed. It is no surprise that she lead me down the path of becoming a balanced obedience trainer. This gal is ALL business. I must respect that. Working allows her relax. I think some of us can relate to her perspective, and perhaps some of you have dogs which are similar in nature. 

Occasionally, when I decide to test the waters of her affection I end up with these awkwardly funny moments, so I thought I would share them with all of you. It’s OKAY to have a dog that needs work. The sooner you embrace it and follow a structured plan of obedience training, the sooner you and your dog can share a rock solid bond of respect and appreciation.

I hope these photos are as entertaining to you as they are to me. Enjoy the laugh! :)