Meet Ruby!

by Steph Mahrle

Clutch my pearls, isn't Ruby the red mini golden doodle stunning? Here's a follow up pic I snapped of her when she learned the place command during our first of three In-Home dog training sessions. I LOVE "place" because it proactively prevents the dog from participating in bad behaviors. It's great for puppies too because it is a calm command which can be used any time, any place training the dog very early on to recognize that calmness results in being included in the lives of their owners.  Her owners are super dedicated students that will do doubt lead Miss Ruby into being an awesome adult dog. Stay tuned for more cuteness & progress.  Here's a follow up on the fly testimonial her owner texted me today: "We've really seen improvement! I had a good walk with her this morning. Only one big correction. She slept in her crate and is on place now with a bone. We was very sleepy last night so she was able to stay on place for a while. "