Human Aggressive Yorkie and Deep Tissue Dog Massage

by Steph Mahrle

With five human bites under this dog's belt, her owner was incredibly scared, and frustrated with her dog Kensington's very bad behavior. My client contacted the rescue that she adopted Kensi from and the rescue offered to gladly take Kensi into their veterinarian, and have all of the dog's teeth removed to mitigate any future bites. Thankfully Kensi's owner decided to send her dog to Good Karma Training for a three week board and train. 

Kensi not only gets to keep her teeth, she just had a relaxing deep tissue massage with olive oil and lavender oil. She has stopped trying to attack me, but I like to keep her Baskerville muzzle on while she's experiencing touch because I'm planning on her having a chill veterinary experience in the future. Prior to being sent for training, her response to her veterinary visit was so violent that she had to be knocked out with gas in order to have her vaccinations and a full body exam. One of my major goals with Kensi, is to train her such that she is so confident and calm when touched, she will not choose to react with aggressive or violent behavior. Balanced dog training is currently saving Kensi's teeth, her life, and importantly her owner's sanity.