Dog toys and safety

by Steph Mahrle

Hysterical pic right? This is a clear example of why dogs (especially puppies), should never be left unattended around toys. It is unsafe. Bollywood has three toys. This ChuckIt brand rubber frisbee item, a chew rope, and a tennis ball. Each of these toys pose a choking hazard in its own special way. To prevent drama, I keep Bollywood's toys locked up out of his reach. Keeping toys out of reach unless it is playtime is not only a safety protocol, it also drives the dog's interest and excitement of the toy...which makes playing all the more fun for both you and your dog. For those of you that struggle with your dog chewing on your children's toys, I suggest keeping the dog's toys separate from the kid's toys, and crating the dog or using the "place" command whenever the dog is not actively interacting with an adult.