A Client Testimonial Arrived....

by Steph Mahrle

We just got back from Easter brunch at my Aunt's house and I figured it was the perfect time to thank you for your helping us with Olive. She has gone from "pretty good for a puppy" to a really well behaved family dog, and we know she will just continue to improve with time and effort. Today we decided at the last minute to bring her along to Easter brunch. A small house, lots of yummy smelling food (ham!) and a dozen new faces, including an elderly relative with a walker, might be stressful for some dogs, but we knew it would be no big deal for Olive. She was a champ all day and charmed everyone there with her sweet attitude and nice manners. Most importantly, Alan and I were able to relax and spend time with family because we knew she wouldn't dash out the door or be under the table begging for food. We felt totally confident that she would stay on her bed or in a down-stay, thanks to the remote collar training we received. It's so true that when your dog is calm and well behaved they get the best reward of all - inclusion in family activities. Instead of having to stay locked in a separate room Olive was able to lay in the dining room, next to the table, while we all ate and socialized. 

A few highlights of the day:
- My Aunt & Uncle told us Olive is welcome any time at future events & holidays because she was so well mannered. (They have an immaculate home full of antiques, so this is a pretty big deal!)
- My great aunt (90 years old!) loved being able to pet a calm, gentle dog who didn't jump, mouth, or bark. She loves dogs but most she encounters are too rough for her to interact with, especially since she uses a walker.
- After brunch we were able to take Olive to a local park and let her run around the fields off-leash because we knew without a doubt that she would come immediately when called. 

We're obviously thrilled with the results of your training and will be recommending you to anyone who will listen at the dog park. :)

-Meredith, Olive's owner