Does your dog pull you out of your door? And pull on leash?

by Steph Mahrle

Bollywood is a tough cookie to walk. A couple of weeks ago he weighed in at nearly 85 lbs. A dog that acts like an ass on the walk STARTS acting like an ass way before the walk begins. Pushy threshold action is unacceptable because not only does it lead to pulling on the walk, it can also be deadly. How many of you have had your dog dart out of your door before? -All of my dogs in the past have struggled with that wicked combo...dragging me out the door, and dragging me down the block. It's exhausting. Great news is that it's totally resolvable. Here's how to address it. Fit your dog with a prong collar and a four to six foot leash. Tell your dog "down", right by your front door. Let the dog calm down for 15 minutes in the "down/stay" before exiting your home. Then calmly pick up the leash and exit your home. If you've got trouble with this, feel free to ask me questions or reach out to a balanced trainer in your area. -Additionally, for dogs that really struggle with these bad behaviors, start training calmness around thresholds as the dog exits his/her crate. If you follow this training protocol to break pushy behavior at your door before your walk begins, it won't matter if your dog weighs 2 pounds or 200 pounds, your walk will be awesomely relaxing. These are the tiny details dog trainers tackle which make the trainer seem like they're performing a magic trick. This is not magic. It's just about being patient and creating calmness.