An update from Olive's owner arrived!

by Steph Mahrle

 "Two nights ago I took Olive to the dog park and someone had left a rope toy there. There were two other dogs there - one well-balanced and one a very bossy, very large puppy. They started out in a friendly 3-way tug of war, but I could feel the tension mounting after a few minutes as the puppy stopped playing and started trying to "win at all costs." In the past, Olive has gotten a little growly (and then sometimes gotten beaten up) over toys at the park when tension runs high, so I told her to "out." She instantly dropped the rope and ran over to me, tail wagging. This was without her e-collar on(!!), since it was late and I was just planning on quickly brushing her at the park. The two other owners were amazed that I could get her to leave a high-energy play session with one word. It felt amazing - and the best part was she was safe and happy, not getting pummeled in a fight with an overly adrenalized puppy over a gnarly old rope.

Then, this morning as I was getting ready for work, I heard some crunching. We had a roasted chicken last night for dinner and one of the bones must have missed the trash can and landed behind it, on the floor. I told O. to "out" and she spit this yummy, delicious chicken bone out like it was poison. (Again, no collar!) I wanted to cry I was so happy. No chasing her around the house, or dragging her out from under the bed while she munches on a choking hazard. Obviously she got lots of love for nailing the command, and the chicken bone was replaced with a safer treat. "