An update from Juliet's owners arrived today....

by Steph Mahrle

 It's awesome news, because THEY are awesomely dedicated dog owners. "Hi Steph, 
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things are going with Juliet. It has been a little over a month since she came home from your 2 week board-n-training, and I can say with complete certainty that it was a success.

People stop us during walks to tell me they can't believe she is the same dog that used to terrorize the neighborhood. Her dog aggression is now completely under control. We even took her to bear mountain last weekend and went hiking, where we ran into plenty of other dogs. She was the best behaved one of the lot! She is perfect on the leash, and when we practice off-leash walking at the tennis courts we sometimes get an audience - people are amazed how well she follows commands. 

The best part of the "new Juliet" is having our lives back. We can finally go out for dinner or a movie without her melting down. We don't need to feel guilty or worry every time we leave her alone, or come home to a disaster. 

It's funny, Cathy came home from a walk this week and said Juliet was having a 'bad day' - she looked at another dog & stared at a squirrel. A 'bad day' now is better than the best 'good day' before the training.

We also noticed she is sleeping in a much more relaxed position now - very mushy, not the stiff pose she used to sleep in. Maybe the added structure in her life has removed the stress that comes with thinking you are the alpha?

Thank you for not giving up on Juliet, she is finally the happy dog she should be and we owe it to you and Good Karma!"