Fin the Wheaten Terrier

by Steph Mahrle

Everyone meet Fin! He is a two-year-old Wheaten Terrier. He nips feet, has virtually no respect for people, jumps, counter surfs, chews everything in sight, and barks non-stop. Awesome right? I'll bet you all really want a Wheaten now!  While Fin has been working with an agility dog trainer, this furry guy won't drop a duce outside...though he's known to confidently jump through hula hoops, potty training seems to be a real hurtle. Since hula hoop jumping isn't as important as pinching a loaf outside is, I'll be training Mr. Fin for the next two weeks starting from the basics and working through remote collar training as well. Expect to see many updates on this furry muppet character, via Good Karma Training on Facebook.