Kerra the Husky's owner wrote a lovely testimonial

by Steph Mahrle

An excellent testimonial arrived from Miss Kerra the #husky's owner. She's really digging the epic off leash freedom of her pup. She runs daily with her husky! First of all, WOW! Running, and keeping your husky in "heel" while running? My clients are so motivated and dedicated, I just am in perpetual awe of each of them...but this gal? With the running!!! 😍 I just love it! "Thanks to Good Karma Training, Kerra can finally run along side with me with NO LEASH and remain in the heel position. 😀 Kerra has went from leash pulling barking and jumping on people to a calm family dog. Her energy is no longer used to cause trouble but enjoy outdoor family activities. thanks again Steph you are Amazing!!!" ~Side note, if a dog training professional tells you that a husky cannot be off leash trained, they're not aware of the total awesomeness E-Collar Technologies has to offer. Find a trainer who is capable of low level e-collar training, and the possibilities are unlimited.