A testimonial from Marley's owners arrived...

by Steph Mahrle

A testimonial arrived from the owners of ‪Marley‬ the ‪#‎rottie‬ ‪#‎doodle‬ mix arrived. 😊👏 I am so proud of each of them! It's not an easy road to own a ‪‎fearful‬ dog. They're amazingly dedicated though, so their results are epic. 

Our 2 year ‪Rottie Doodle‬ “Marley” struggled with fear aggression and reactivity issues. Having already spent a lot of money on a previous trainer, his issues continually progressed over time. We knew he was a great dog but we were exhausted trying to correct his bad behavior to the point of almost giving him away. Our lifestyles revolved around him, we couldn’t have visitors over, we avoided other dogs and people on walks, and we even couldn’t watch TV without him having a meltdown. Thankfully the Google gods came through when we were searching for trainers and we found Steph at Good Karma Training!
After reaching out via e-mail, in less than 24 hours later we were on the phone with Steph. We spoke for over an hour about the issues we were dealing with and already she was teaching things us things about Marley’s personality and behavior that we never knew. Marley spent 2 weeks with Steph that ultimately changed his life! She addressed EACH AND EVERY problem we were having and made it her mission to fix it. She even went out of her way to bring Marley to a local motorcycle shop knowing he had major fear issues around them. Now that’s dedication! Everyday Steph would post videos of Marley’s progress and was always easily accessible via e-mail or text for any questions or concerns we had.
Steph has a one of a kind calm and assertive energy that makes her an awesome leader and trainer. Her guidance was the blueprint we needed for Marley’s success as a ‪‎calm family dog‬. As I am writing this, Marley is in his “place” position, he’s been peacefully chillin’ for a few hours now. This is the first time we’ve had this type of calmness inside our home and its simply amazing! Thank you Good Karma Training! Sup Bollywood!
— Marley's owners