FACT: Animals correct one another in nature

by Steph Mahrle

I was just veg'n out watching National Geographic with Bollywood. I thought I'd share my thoughts about it...Animals, in the wild, and even in a domesticated setting, can behave unpredictably. Well trained animals, in either setting, will provide more predictable behavior than untrained animals. So how do animals train one another? Typically, animals correct one another (sometimes violently), as a method of training compliant behavior. Once corrected, most animals just move right along with their lives, hopefully soaking in the lesson. It is a reality that animals, (people included), can be downright dangerous. I think as we've become more comfortable with urbanization, we've drifted out of touch with how at times, unwanted behavior needs to be physically interrupted in order to prevent damage to people, other animals, and even property. When you hesitate to correct your dog for bad behavior, you miss an opportunity to communicate in a language which is many thousands of years old. The choice to struggle in communication with nature, is entirely up to you. Conversely, you can choose the path of a balanced training approach where you consciously reinforce all of the good behavior you want to see, and calmly correct the behavior you prefer not to see. This is how you train a #calmfamilydog #goodkarmatraining