I can relate...That is how I know that I can help you.

by Steph Mahrle

For those of you who are relatively new to my dog training page, you might not be aware that I am a professional dog trainer because of my former dog Karma. Although Karma passed away peacefully, at the ripe old age of fourteen and a half, in January this year, I struggled with her bad behavior for our first seven years together, until one day I initiated our dog training journey. I can completely relate to feeling guilty, frustrated, confused, and even angry with my own beloved dog. Our struggle ultimately became a success, and thankfully I am able to help other people and their dogs overcome their individual behavioral drama full time. Thank you so much in advance for following my life's work! I really appreciate all of your support, questions, and comments. I am happy to encourage, and inspire each of you to reach ‪#‎calmfamilydog‬ status with your dogs. Here is my documented struggle with my epic dog Karma: http://goodkarmatraining.com/about-karma/