Ebbit's testimonial arrived!

by Steph Mahrle

We are so lucky to have found Steph and Good Karma Training when we did. We were in a panic. Our 10 month old Golden Retriever puppy was our baby. He was starting to develop some terrible habits-chewing clothes, jumping on people and furniture, pulling and chewing on his leash, picking up anything he could off of the ground and playing a 5 minute game of chase to get him to come back inside. Steph responded immediately to help us. We were terribly afraid of using an ecollar. More for the lack of knowledge of how to even begin to use it than the actual correction. Steph met with us before Ebbitt went to training and went over all of the equipment with us and explained the use of everything. We were amazed at the average working level and the actual feel of the ecollar on us. Ebbitt now can play nicely with other dogs and has a definite shut off. Steph took the time to cater his training to what we needed since he was coming home to a newborn brother too! The place command has been a lifesaver with an infant in the house. Steph was so accommodating and willing to go above and beyond and then some to train Ebbitt. We would recommend Steph and Good Karma Training to anyone who was looking for a balanced dog trainer for a calm family dog! Thanks Steph!!! You rock!!