Archie the lab returned home...

by Steph Mahrle

His owner sent in a testimonial, and spoiler alert it's awesome! :) 

"My husband found Steph of Good Karma Training after surfing the web. Our 14 month old Yellow Lab had become increasingly difficult to manage. He would bark at other dogs, not come when called, jump up on people--you get the picture--an adorable, handsome dog but not in a position to make good choices. We had two previous trainers, the first was a positive reward trainer who taught Archie and us how to use  basic commands. The second trainer gave us some additional tools but without success. . In May of this year, after Archie attacked a small dog, we began to seriously consider whether we had made a mistake in taking Archie into our home. We live in an urban environment with many outside distractions. Steph's approach by using the a  prong collar, the defined "place" in our apartment, and use of an  
e-collar has made a miraculous difference with Archie. Besides listening to commands, looking to us for direction, and making good choices, we now can enjoy Archie. We believed that Archie was a good, loving dog who needed direction and training. We were frustrated that we had tried what we thought were the best techniques but to no avail. Steph's approach, while to some may seem shocking (I include myself here at first), provided our dog with confidence and  the skills to "work" for his treats, playtime, and family's affection. Steph has given us hope that Archie can thrive in his environment and continue to be a loving dog while accepting commands and direction from his handlers. I would strongly recommend Steph to any dog and owner who is struggling and frustrated with various negative behaviors displayed by their dog. If you are having trouble communicating with your dog or, worse, considering giving him up, I suggest you contact Steph today. 
Thanks, Steph