"Aww that dog looks sad/bored/lonely"....

by Steph Mahrle

Too often people will see a dog's face, and say "Awwww he looks SO SAD!" Context matters though. I work #Bollywood daily. He has a solid "on" and "off" switch. He knows when it's time to rock, and roll, with lots of adrenaline, and he knows how to calm his furry tits on command. He lives a full balanced life filled with awesomeness, and calm structured routine. 

Incidentally, if you take a photo of your dog napping on your couch, or bed, and then you compare your dog's expression with a photo of your dog chill'n on the "place" command, you'll probably notice their expressions look oddly similar. Avoid that urge to project your feelings, about how you would feel if your life were more structured, upon the dog. Projecting human feelings on a dog, results in major dog and human issues. Dogs are dogs. People are people. We bred dogs to behave as companions. When we blur those lines with emotions, drama is the result. 

Side note...This is actually Bolly's lovey mojo face. He had just eaten breakfast, and becomes a snuggly mess of a hound dog after eating. 😊