Hula Hoop Training With Cricket Has Begun!

by Steph Mahrle

It's happening...😂 ALL over again...only this time I know what I'm doing. I introduced Cricket my #aussiepuppy to the #hulahoop this morning. About 9 years ago, I taught my first personal dog, Karma (also my company namesake), to jump through hula hoops in my backyard. She had horrendous leash reactive behavior. Every time she saw another dog while she was on leash she would lunge, growl, and bark aggressively. So I stopped walking her on leash...and started trying to train her in my backyard and home only. 😆 She seriously was pulling my arm out of my socket, so I thought I was helping us both out. Back then, I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I scored some super bad (but #popular) advice..."a tired dog is a good dog", and I wrongly assumed that agility dogs are more calm than dogs which don't participate in agility.😆 The result was that Karma mastered jumping through hula hoops, and she was so filled with excitement and exuberance, relaxing didn't seem to be something she was capable of. Slowly, I learned to address and resolve her issues which I unknowingly created, and reinforced. 🙂 I'm super pumped to have the opportunity to do things better this time around. Though things aren't perfect, the goal remains the same, #progressnotperfection#GoodKarmaTraining #calmfamilydog #australianshepherd