My husband found Steph of Good Karma Training after surfing the web. Our 14 month old Yellow Lab had become increasingly difficult to manage. He would bark at other dogs, not come when called, jump up on people—you get the picture—an adorable, handsome dog but not in a position to make good choices. We had two previous trainers, the first was a positive reward trainer who taught Archie and us how to use basic commands. The second trainer gave us some additional tools but without success. . In May of this year, after Archie attacked a small dog, we began to seriously consider whether we had made a mistake in taking Archie into our home. We live in an urban environment with many outside distractions. Steph’s approach by using the a prong collar, the defined “place” in our apartment, and use of an
e-collar has made a miraculous difference with Archie. Besides listening to commands, looking to us for direction, and making good choices, we now can enjoy Archie. We believed that Archie was a good, loving dog who needed direction and training. We were frustrated that we had tried what we thought were the best techniques but to no avail. Steph’s approach, while to some may seem shocking (I include myself here at first), provided our dog with confidence and the skills to “work” for his treats, playtime, and family’s affection. Steph has given us hope that Archie can thrive in his environment and continue to be a loving dog while accepting commands and direction from his handlers. I would strongly recommend Steph to any dog and owner who is struggling and frustrated with various negative behaviors displayed by their dog. If you are having trouble communicating with your dog or, worse, considering giving him up, I suggest you contact Steph today.
Thanks, Steph
— Linda, Jersey City, New Jersey
Our 2 year ‪Rottie Doodle‬ “Marley” struggled with fear aggression and reactivity issues. Having already spent a lot of money on a previous trainer, his issues continually progressed over time. We knew he was a great dog but we were exhausted trying to correct his bad behavior to the point of almost giving him away. Our lifestyles revolved around him, we couldn’t have visitors over, we avoided other dogs and people on walks, and we even couldn’t watch TV without him having a meltdown. Thankfully the Google gods came through when we were searching for trainers and we found Steph at Good Karma Training!
After reaching out via e-mail, in less than 24 hours later we were on the phone with Steph. We spoke for over an hour about the issues we were dealing with and already she was teaching things us things about Marley’s personality and behavior that we never knew. Marley spent 2 weeks with Steph that ultimately changed his life! She addressed EACH AND EVERY problem we were having and made it her mission to fix it. She even went out of her way to bring Marley to a local motorcycle shop knowing he had major fear issues around them. Now that’s dedication! Everyday Steph would post videos of Marley’s progress and was always easily accessible via e-mail or text for any questions or concerns we had.
Steph has a one of a kind calm and assertive energy that makes her an awesome leader and trainer. Her guidance was the blueprint we needed for Marley’s success as a ‪‎calm family dog‬. As I am writing this, Marley is in his “place” position, he’s been peacefully chillin’ for a few hours now. This is the first time we’ve had this type of calmness inside our home and its simply amazing! Thank you Good Karma Training! Sup Bollywood!
— Nick -Fort Lee, New Jersey
Thanks to Good Karma Training, Kerra can finally run along side with me with NO LEASH and remain in the heel position. 😀 Kerra has went from leash pulling barking and jumping on people to a calm family dog. Her energy is no longer used to cause trouble but enjoy outdoor family activities. thanks again Steph you are Amazing!!!
— Heather -Jersey City, New Jersey
I will forever be grateful and indebted to Steph at Good Karma. I was seriously at the end of my rope with my foster pup of a year Frankie, a Pittie mix that was very leash reactive with most dogs, would pull on the leash, chase our cats nonstop and generally disobey every command YET while being the most sweet, loving dog to every human she met (thank gosh for this trait tho!) smile emoticon

After doing extensive research on trainers that worked with reactive pups, I found Good Karma and reached out to Steph. We had several conversations about my struggles with Frankie and her training method with the e-collar. I knew that Frankie was past the point of positive reinforcement, prong collar, gentle leader, etc. Nothing was working and both of our anxiety levels were just off the chart. I had never trained or even dealt with a dog like her and didn’t know the first thing about establishing a proper dog/master relationship. Frankie and I were in this awful cycle of her being fearful/anxious on our walks and acting out and then me being stressed/upset and anxious EVERY walk, EVERY DAY. I started to dread having to take her for a walk because we would have to avoid every/any dog we saw coming....and in a city, they are everywhere! It was awful. Other trainers had tried to help, but with really no success for ME with Frankie.

Steph agreed to board and train Frankie for her 3 weeks (her required stay for a reactive dog) The minute we arrived, got out of the car, Frankie saw a neighbor pup passing by and gave Steph a front row view of what her tantrums looked like. (It was perfect in a sad way of course!) smile emoticon I went from being in tears telling Steph “that she was IT, she was my last hope that we (Frankie and I) had — nothing was working, I was tapped out mentally and financially from trying everything and that I was about to give up” She assured me she would do her best, that she was too stubborn to ever give up on a dog. She promised to post updates of the training so I could see Frankie’s improvement. Within 12 hours, my fears (and tears) slowly started to ease away. She had Frankie sitting and staying on command!! And that was just the first day! I just couldn’t believe it. And it just kept getting better and better from that point on. It was amazing to watch her transformation — my entire family and circle of friends/neighbors all watched her transform into a calm, chilled, relaxed OBEDIENT pup on Facebook. Even my mother, who had basically banned Frankie from coming back home on the holidays since last Thanksgiving was completely horrendous with Frankie causing chaos and commotions by chasing her cats, the visit ended just awful with tears and frustration on everyone’s part, was overjoyed at seeing her progress.

Frankie did so well that Steph felt she was ready to come home after 2 weeks — a week early! To be honest, I was so nervous because Steph had a very frank conversation with me in that keeping the structure that Frankie had learned was ESSENTIAL to her continued success. I agreed and assured her that I wanted to make sure that we were both successful for each other. I went to pick Frankie up and spent a couple of hours with Steph going through her new commands, working the remote, learning everything and then home we went!

I will be completely honest, it took me a bit to get used to using the remote and commands simultaneously, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. I still have to make a conscious effort in working Frankie while doing both and we still have to fine tune it some days (really on my end) — BUT — she has been amazing!! She no longer chases the cats in our house, stays in “place” and I can not get over the harmony in our home now. There are 2 patio kitties that I had “adopted” that she not only coexists with BUT now actually chills and eats NEAR them. All our neighbors have commented on how incredibly behaved and well mannered she is now and she can see/pass other dogs without the fear and anxiety (that we both had!). The best update is.....we have now had 2 visits back home to see the extended family. Both overnight weekend visits and she’s done amazing. I think my mother said it best this past weekend after we spent 3 days there....”that trainer has done a 180 on Frankie!!” She couldn’t believe it is the same dog and was so happy for us AND happy to have us come visit. No more chaos.

Sorry for the long review but I wanted to give hope to any other dog owners, who are struggling and thinking there is no hope left, and possibly even thinking about giving up on their pup...DON’T!! Call Steph. She truly is a miracle worker and I will forever be in her debt for as long as Frankie and I are together. I just can’t thank her enough for giving us the tools to be a happy pup and owner. And she still gives me support whenever I call/text her with questions. Her goal is for all of her “students” and their owners to never have to struggle alone again.
— Courtney -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Our ten month old puppy Maisy was always really sweet, but she had a tendency to get extremely over-excited, which resulted in some very obnoxious and rude behavior. She would jump on our kids in an effort to get them to play (which only scared the kids). Maisy was also completely crazed when anyone came to our home. She would jump on houseguests, visitors and delivery people. She was overly friendly to a fault and didn’t understand how to greet people and other dogs politely. Her over-excitement would also make it very difficult for us to take her anywhere. We would get dragged in and out of the vet’s office, pet store and grooming facility. Taking her to the park, where there were lots of new people and dogs, was nearly impossible. The bigger she got, the worse she became. When we tried to intervene during her obnoxious episodes, she would act up further by growling and barking. Maisy also got into a lot of mischief because of her inability to settle down. She would dig in the yard, chew packages and bark at people who walked by our house despite getting lots of attention, exercise and playtime. In short, the “inmate was running the asylum”.

Since we sent Maisy to you for training a few weeks ago, we have seen remarkable improvement in her behavior. She is still the goofy, playful, friendly pup that she has always been; however, now, she is a more obedient and mellow version of that pup. It’s almost as if she matured in two weeks. She finally knows how to calm down once a play session is over. There’s no more scratching at the door to constantly go in and out and no incessant begging for attention. She can relax in place, which has made life much calmer for us. She walks nicely on a leash as well. While she does, on occasion, try to challenge us, we have the knowledge and the tools to deal with the situation.

My husband who really doesn’t have any interest in the dog said on his own that all the other training that we spent a ton of money on was a waste. He has commented more than once on the improved behavior, which is amazing because he is definitely not a dog person. While those prior sessions taught Maisy the meaning of various commands, there was no way to enforce them. Walking around with a pocket full of hot dog bits was useless with her, and was probably going to get me eaten by a bear or coyote.....Steph’s “school for wayward dogs” really made a noticeable difference. She’s not perfect, and we’re still working on things, but I can tell we are headed in right direction.

We are looking forward to a fun and adventurous summer! We are grateful for your efforts with Maisy. We also very much appreciate your responsiveness and your diligent follow up. You have always been willing to answer questions along the way. It’s great to know that we have a resource should any issues come up. We would recommend you without any reservations to anyone needing assistance with their dog.

Thanks again,
— R.S. Flemmington, New Jersey
We are so lucky to have found Steph and Good Karma Training when we did. We were in a panic. Our 10 month old Golden Retriever puppy was our baby. He was starting to develop some terrible habits-chewing clothes, jumping on people and furniture, pulling and chewing on his leash, picking up anything he could off of the ground and playing a 5 minute game of chase to get him to come back inside. Steph responded immediately to help us. We were terribly afraid of using an ecollar. More for the lack of knowledge of how to even begin to use it than the actual correction. Steph met with us before Ebbitt went to training and went over all of the equipment with us and explained the use of everything. We were amazed at the average working level and the actual feel of the ecollar on us. Ebbitt now can play nicely with other dogs and has a definite shut off. Steph took the time to cater his training to what we needed since he was coming home to a newborn brother too! The place command has been a lifesaver with an infant in the house. Steph was so accommodating and willing to go above and beyond and then some to train Ebbitt. We would recommend Steph and Good Karma Training to anyone who was looking for a balanced dog trainer for a calm family dog! Thanks Steph!!! You rock!!
— Lauren, Stewartsville, NJ
 Finnegan the English lab puppy  smooching his owner during the board and train return home session

Finnegan the English lab puppy  smooching his owner during the board and train return home session

Walking on a leash is AWESOME althougth its been so cold, we usually just let him (Finnegan) out in the back, OR front....yes front...just got in from playing ball with him in the front yard for an hour...dogs past, kids past, and he listened perfectly. Such an awesome treat.

The girls first thought he was a, now they see they can still rough house with him but the difference is when they are DONE, all they have to say is PLACE and he goes to place and calms down...

I can’t thank you enough I have been telling anyone who will listen!

Thanks again,
— Christopher, Long Island, New York
                                      Bravo the 11 month old, Aussie Shepherd posing

                                     Bravo the 11 month old, Aussie Shepherd posing

We are just ecstatic at the difference we’ve noticed in Bravo, our 11 month old Aussie puppy, from the time when we dropped him off to when we picked him up. We truly struggled with keeping his antics in check and trying to keep his energy calm and manageable in the house. He now walks beautifully on the leash and often doesn’t even require the e-collar, just the prong collar. Bravo comes when called, is able to stay “down” in a position for an extended amount of time, and the “place” command is absolutely a life saver. We can now put Bravo in place and leave the house for a couple hours and feel confident that he will still be where we left him when we return - which we could never do before! With the implementation of the prong collar and the e-collar, Bravo now has an on/off switch and is able to still be his goofy self at times, but also calm down and relax when we need him to. Stephanie was wonderful and thorough at training my fiance and I on the commands as well when we picked Bravo up and we felt comfortable using the equipment and understood their purposes as well. I can’t speak highly enough about Stephanie’s training regimen and how great it feels to have that anxiety gone, knowing that we can really rely on Bravo’s training. While it was difficult to leave Bravo for three weeks to be trained, Steph kept us updated constantly throughout the process - speaking to us on the phone and answering any questions we had, as well as consistently updating Facebook and Instagram with pictures and videos so we could see Bravo’s development. It helped with our empty nest feelings but also made us feel confident in our choice to have him trained as we could see immediately the improvements being made.
— Erin, Philadelphia, PA
I can only say wonderful things about Steph and Good Karma Training. We brought our 6 month old Min Pin puppy to Steph after we had tried 2 positive only trainers and many puppy classes. With no change or help. We adopted our pup at 4 months and we were the 4th home she had been in. We didn’t know much about her past but knew we were not giving her up again. She had SEVERE separation anxiety, resource guarding and a general stubborn personality to control everything. Our neighbors were requesting that she leave the apartment because of the meltdowns she would have for hours when we left.

Steph truly saved us and our puppy. She spoke with us very honestly and openly about the training methods she used and her underlying focus was that nothing was unfair or hurtful to the dog. Honestly the anxious behavior our pup was showing slamming herself into the crate was by far more harmful. After a 2 week board and train our dog calm back with the ability to behave as a calm, family dog and in turn she was much happier in everyday living. Our neighbors were happy to have her stay and she’s a very valued part of the family who can be included much more now that her anxiety is so much better.

One of the most wonderful things is Steph is only a phone call away for ANYTHING or any question we have. Just because our board and train session is over her willingness to help is not. She’s extremely easy to get ahold of and goes above and beyond.
— Samantha, Jersey City, New Jersey
 Juliet, on vacation. Behaving like a calm family dog.

Juliet, on vacation. Behaving like a calm family dog.

"Hi Steph, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things are going with Juliet. It has been a little over a month since she came home from your 2 week board-n-training, and I can say with complete certainty that it was a success.

People stop us during walks to tell me they can't believe she is the same dog that used to terrorize the neighborhood. Her dog aggression is now completely under control. We even took her to bear mountain last weekend and went hiking, where we ran into plenty of other dogs. She was the best behaved one of the lot! She is perfect on the leash, and when we practice off-leash walking at the tennis courts we sometimes get an audience - people are amazed how well she follows commands. 

The best part of the "new Juliet" is having our lives back. We can finally go out for dinner or a movie without her melting down. We don't need to feel guilty or worry every time we leave her alone, or come home to a disaster. 

It's funny, Cathy came home from a walk this week and said Juliet was having a 'bad day' - she looked at another dog & stared at a squirrel. A 'bad day' now is better than the best 'good day' before the training.

We also noticed she is sleeping in a much more relaxed position now - very mushy, not the stiff pose she used to sleep in. Maybe the added structure in her life has removed the stress that comes with thinking you are the alpha?

Thank you for not giving up on Juliet, she is finally the happy dog she should be and we owe it to you and Good Karma!"

 Lollipop in "place" with her senior companion Peanut pictured in the left corner.

Lollipop in "place" with her senior companion Peanut pictured in the left corner.

Our puppy Lolli had been a handful the first several months we had her. She was very sweet 90% of the time and we loved her. However, if she got excited she would mouth and nip at our young daughters, which made them scared of her. Then she attacked our older dog during meal time. We thought we were managing her negative behaviors on our own when she attacked our older dog again while guarding a bone after months with no issues. The randomness of her behavior had us feeling completely helpless that we could never be confident it wouldn’t happen again to our dog or potentially a human. We knew we needed professional help. We had become so desperate we discussed the unthinkable...finding a new owner with no kids or other dogs. Fortunately we found Steph first.

After a two week board with Steph, our nervous, anxious and aggressive resource guarding puppy came back to us docile and obedient beyond our imagination. The command recognition and obedience was very impressive, but above all Steph helped her get past her psychological issues. We could sense the difference in her demeanor immediately and so could our older dog Peanut. Peanut had become terrified of Lolli and would not be in the same room with her after the latest attack. However, within only a couple hours after we got Lolli back from Steph the two dogs were sleeping together on the same dog bed.

Steph taught us how to continue with Lolli’s training and how to handle her appropriately. Even our young daughters who had been nervous around Lolli were giving her commands successfully the very first day. Our entire family, including Lolli, is so much happier and at ease. We can’t thank Steph enough for her wonderful work with our Lolli.
— Greg Basking Ridge, New Jersey
When I called Steph, I was completely desperate. I live with my brother’s family, and my dog had just threatened and frightened my 13 year old niece. Dora - a 14 lb dachshund mix - had become increasingly unmanageable to the point that the dog walker had been unable to walk her for weeks and she had destroyed things in the home because of her uncontrollable separation anxiety. I felt like I was going to have to get rid of my dog (no!) or have to move out, which wasn’t feasible.

From the first moment I spoke to her, Steph made me feel like I could be back in control of Dora. Because of her human aggression history, she stayed with Steph for three weeks. I loved getting the video updates from her almost everyday - it was amazing to watch her progress. Steph was very patient and taught the whole family how to interact with and control Dora during the home drop off, even the eight year old boy. The children aren’t frightened of her any more and delight in playing with her and sending her back to “place.” She set me up with a great dog walker - Otis Ball - who has had no trouble walking Dora, even on the first day. I was also so impressed with how available Steph has been - via phone, text or email - to answer questions about training.

I am very grateful to Steph and feel very lucky that I managed to find her online! Thanks!
— Lisa of Jersey City, New Jersey
 Dora relaxing after a playful tennis ball catching session during an off leash advanced obedience training with Good Karma Training

Dora relaxing after a playful tennis ball catching session during an off leash advanced obedience training with Good Karma Training

Fast forward to 4 minutes into the video for my client's video testimonial

We just got back from Easter brunch at my Aunt’s house and I figured it was the perfect time to thank you for your helping us with Olive. She has gone from “pretty good for a puppy” to a really well behaved family dog, and we know she will just continue to improve with time and effort. Today we decided at the last minute to bring her along to Easter brunch. A small house, lots of yummy smelling food (ham!) and a dozen new faces, including an elderly relative with a walker, might be stressful for some dogs, but we knew it would be no big deal for Olive. She was a champ all day and charmed everyone there with her sweet attitude and nice manners. Most importantly, Alan and I were able to relax and spend time with family because we knew she wouldn’t dash out the door or be under the table begging for food. We felt totally confident that she would stay on her bed or in a down-stay, thanks to the remote collar training we received. It’s so true that when your dog is calm and well behaved they get the best reward of all - inclusion in family activities. Instead of having to stay locked in a separate room Olive was able to lay in the dining room, next to the table, while we all ate and socialized.

A few highlights of the day:
- My Aunt & Uncle told us Olive is welcome any time at future events & holidays because she was so well mannered. (They have an immaculate home full of antiques, so this is a pretty big deal!)
- My great aunt (90 years old!) loved being able to pet a calm, gentle dog who didn’t jump, mouth, or bark. She loves dogs but most she encounters are too rough for her to interact with, especially since she uses a walker.
- After brunch we were able to take Olive to a local park and let her run around the fields off-leash because we knew without a doubt that she would come immediately when called.

We’re obviously thrilled with the results of your training and will be recommending you to anyone who will listen at the dog park. :)
— Meredith of Hoboken, New Jersey
 Olive soaking in the sun, and the new found freedom of low-level remote collar dog training in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Olive soaking in the sun, and the new found freedom of low-level remote collar dog training in Hoboken, New Jersey.

 Olive being a silly furry gal.

Olive being a silly furry gal.

THANK YOU, STEPH! I was skeptical before sending Teddy to you, his anxiety and hyperactivity were so out of control and years of different training options never worked out. I was at my wit’s end. It’s been a few weeks since Teddy has returned from your board and train program, and I am thoroughly impressed with how well behaved he has continued to be. You completely changed his life, and in doing so, mine as well.

Teddy no longer pulls on the leash and freaks out when I take him for walks - he is now focused and balanced, and I actually ENJOY walking him! We can walk past other dogs and he will not have a barking and pulling fit - something I never thought would be possible. I’ve had a few guests over and they also cannot believe Teddy’s transformation. Instead of sprinting to the door and barking and jumping uncontrollably at guests, he now sits in “place” and patiently waits for guests to come greet him. Teddy follows directions (most of the time), and when he doesn’t, it is easy to correct his behavior and get him focused again. Thank you Good Karma Training for teaching both Teddy and I the skills we need to maintain a happy home for both humans and dogs!
— Huma of Jersey City, New Jersey
 Teddy posing in a down/stay by Jersey City's own City Hall

Teddy posing in a down/stay by Jersey City's own City Hall

As someone who grew up with dogs in my household, I knew the basics as far as taking care of them, but I understood very little about training them. What I did know is that my perception of training tools, such as prong, pinch, and remote collars was all lumped into one category, which I assumed was “inhumane”. From basic dog training, I somehow thought it was no big deal to feed my dogs their weight in treats, if only they would just do what I wanted them to do. 4 years ago, I adopted a young chocolate lab who I knew immediately was a good tempered animal. She is friendly to people, calm, quiet and enjoys our love and attention. “You have the perfect dog”, our friends would say. They are definitely right, but the biggest headache and stressor seemed to be walking our “perfect dog”. We tried regular leashes, harnesses, a large pinch collar and pounds of treats to get her to stop pulling and reacting to other dogs/people to make our walks more enjoyable. None of those options worked. When I first came across Steph, she explained her training methodology to me and to be quite honest, I didn’t know what to think. But with her clear explanations and confidence in her training, I felt comfortable that I wasn’t going to be hurting my dog by utilizing these methods. I am here to tell you all personally, as someone who did NOT feel comfortable with using a prong collar, my dog is not only happy, but she’s far from being hurt by this method. In fact, we now enjoy many long walks without the fear of leash reactivity. I HIGHLY recommend Stephanie. I guarantee she will be the last (and maybe first) dog trainer you will ever need.
— Kim of Montclair, New Jersey
  This picture was taken after Zoe, and Kim, experienced their first heeling session together. Look at that relaxed face! Zoe was truly such a joy to work with, and her owners are doing an EXCELLENT job of continuing with the training plan provided. There is no question that using a prong collar to heel Zoe was the most a gentle and humane choice. The all go on long walks regularly now that Zoe no longer pulls, and heels properly. Are you looking to improve your walk? Click  here .

This picture was taken after Zoe, and Kim, experienced their first heeling session together. Look at that relaxed face! Zoe was truly such a joy to work with, and her owners are doing an EXCELLENT job of continuing with the training plan provided. There is no question that using a prong collar to heel Zoe was the most a gentle and humane choice. The all go on long walks regularly now that Zoe no longer pulls, and heels properly. Are you looking to improve your walk? Click here.

It is hard to put into words the degree of my thanks. I am amazed on so many levels.
Early on Steph, reflected that Lupe was in my life for a reason. This really resonated with me.
Steph’s sessions were not only a training for Lupe, but it was also an opportunity for me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. I really appreciated this element of working with Steph. She approached our case in a holistic, comprehensive, and personalized manner. I believe that these aspects of her approach will provide long-lasting results.
Steph was always supportive, available, and most importantly able to keep me smiling and laughing, even when things were tough. I never felt judged or uncertain regarding my lack of knowledge, or insecurities. Every question was welcomed, and thoroughly answered.
I consider myself a pretty hopeful and optimistic person, but there were moments when I really was not sure if Lupe could be rehabilitated. It was very upsetting to be faced with difficult decisions regarding Lupe’s future and whether she would remain in my life. Steph never wavered. Her confidence, strength, passion , in addition to her constant support and reassurance, was contagious. She is a true lifesaver! Lupe is balanced and happy…And I am a little more balanced and happy, too. Amazing!
— Sara and Dean of Jersey City, New Jersey
I have been working with dogs for 18 years. I thought I knew everything. And then I met Kira, my three-year-old German Shepherd. My awesome friend Steph Mahrle Mishra at Good Karma Training has been invaluable in helping me to acclimate Kira to her living new situation.

Kira is doing so great! Not one blow up on leash (she started out biting me violently when she wanted to attack another dog on leash). Kira has been playing with her pack walk mates when I give her the opportunity. She does play rough and doesn’t understand play boundaries yet, but nothing that a mild leash correction doesn’t solve. She seems to be very happy with her socialization. And not one freak out this week. Steph from Good Karma Training not only saved this dog, but she has also given her a wonderful, social life.

Kira and I have both been learning so much about each other in record time directly because of Steph’s guidance. Steph is the best! My highest recommendation as a dog trainer and all around awesome person, and great friend!!!!!
— Otis Ball of Gypsy Dog Walking in Jersey City, NJ
 Otis and his beloved Kira

Otis and his beloved Kira

Hey Steph,
First off Lee and I just want to start by saying THANK YOU! You have come into our home, which was nearing the edge of chaos, and in a short period of time have restored balance and sanity. You have replaced our uncertainties with power and knowledge. The “anxious walk” is already an object in our rearview. We are so happy to walk Frankie now and enjoy it! We know that because of this it will only strengthen our pack and help us to be better leaders for him as well. Thank you can’t wait for our next session!
— Lee & Ronnie of Bayonne, New Jersey
Steph is the greatest dog trainer ever. In less than 20 minutes this trainer corrected ALL of my dog’s bad walking habits..Good Karma Training is well worth the price.
— Anicka and Gucci of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Working with Steph has been such a pleasure! I have had results that have changed not only my life and Milo’s life, but also the lives of everyone I know. Anytime I had people over, they would always tell me how evil my dog is. Now all they tell me is how cute and well behaved he is! Taking him on a walk used to stress me out. Now, walking Milo is such a pleasure and it can even be relaxing! Thanks, Steph, for making my relationship with my dog a healthy and successful one!
— Meaghan of Jersey City, New Jersey
Just from the one session I have seen a change in Nala. She seems more connected, and checks frequently. I know it’s due to the collar, we were not using it correctly in the past. Prior to today she would be sniffing like she was hunting or searching.
— Richmond of Jersey City, New Jersey
For the past 2 – 3 months, I have been unable to walk my dog because she developed a fear of moving vehicles. I live in Jersey City on a busy street and traffic is impossible to avoid. I tried coaxing her with to walk with treats, dragging her down the street, pushing her from behind, carrying her, etc. but nothing worked. My dog, Mischa, still refused to walk and would shut down with her tail between her legs and tremble. When Steph first mentioned the prong collar, I was reluctant because I was afraid it would potentially inflict pain on Mischa and exacerbate her fears. But, I decided to give it a try after Steph showed me how to properly use one and was amazed at how quickly she got results with it. It took her just a couple of minutes before she was walking Mischa around places the dog was previously terrified of. After Steph left, I decided to take Mischa for a walk using the prong collar on my own to make sure it worked — and it did! Mischa walked for about a mile and it only took a couple of very small corrections. I am looking forward to nice, long walks with Mischa now that she is not afraid anymore. Thank you, Steph!!!
— Victoria of Jersey City, New Jersey
My boyfriend and I adopted out beautiful, loyal, and seemingly well behaved plott hound last January. We had basic training elsewhere and she seemed to love other dogs, until she didn’t… Especially on the leash. It got so bad that we couldn’t walk our dog together because her behavior made it so stressful. After months of trying to ignore bad behavior and reward the good (and pounds of treats) we realized we needed a new approach. We found Steph at Good Karma who had the methodology we needed. She explained her approach clearly, concisely, and after an hour and a half session and our continued efforts, it’s like we have a new dog. We can walk together, past dogs, squirrels, or any other distraction. We look forward to working with her again as we begin more in depth obedience training.
— Brenna and Galen from Jersey City, New Jersey