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 Milo, Karma and I at Van Vorst Park in Jersey City, New Jersey

Milo, Karma and I at Van Vorst Park in Jersey City, New Jersey

In order to be successful at transforming your dogs behavior, it is important for you to be familiar with my balanced training tools and method. I provide these details to all my clients (and non-clients) on my website including my training videos, blog, and Facebook page because I want you to be comfortable with my style of training straight away. It is very important for you to be just as excited to train with your dog as I am. I have a passion for resolving dog related behavioral issues. If you want the issues resolved, I can absolutely help you. Your dog is always ready for change. 

The reality of dog training, especially continuing a behavior modification program, is that if you choose to stick to the structure of the training plan, you and your dog will build a successful relationship together. If you are in a race to end the structure of the training plan, and stop using the training tools as soon as possible, you and your dog will likely continue to struggle. This is tried and true advice. Essentially, I am a life coach for the relationship between you and your dog. If you are ready to work through your drama with your dog, I am available to help you reach your goals. 

Here are the qualities in a client that I feel are absolutely necessary for success:

•My successful clients recognize that there is a problem with the relationship between themselves and their dog(s). They take responsibility for the fact that something they are doing is contributing to their dog's behavioral problem, and they recognize they must make some changes if they want to resolve their dog's bad behavior. 

• I need you to be comfortable with my training tools and method. You should be open to a balanced training approach. Yes, I use food, and/or verbal praise but I also correct bad behavior. I invite you to watch my free training videos on YouTube to help you understand what it is like to train with me, and also how I use balanced training tools.  

• Giving your dog total freedom, love, and treats, will not lead you down the path to resolving your dog’s bad behavior. I know this is true, because I have tried it and failed at it. If you’re looking for more information on my experience, go here. With a lot of my clients I tell them to put a 30 to 60 day hold on over-praise. That does not mean you can never praise your dog, but I am talking about over praising your dog. Providing too much affection, and praise is not working. If giving your dog verbal praise, physical praise, and food praise was working, you likely would not be hiring me. In my professional opinion, the best reward is inclusion. For example, what I mean by inclusion, is that it is far better to have your dog resting in your home on the "place"  command, than it is to have your dog barking in another room, or barking in a crate when you have guests visit. I can train your dog to be peacefully included in your regular life. Together we need to provide your dog with leadership and direction, before we can provide your dog with praise, and affection. Following a training plan does not mean you need to avoid any and all affection with your dog. What a training plan does require is that you follow the plan before giving affection, treats, and freedom to your dog. If you make a choice to adhere to the balanced training plan provided you will see your dog’s bad behavior resolved.

• Being in a rush to stop using your dog's training equipment, will not work. I use a method of training that works to resolve disobedient dog behaviors. I am very selective in terms of my client relationships. I am very motivated to work with clients who are ready to apply my training method, and training tools. Being consistent is crucial. Just like working out with a personal trainer. You need to follow through with the personal trainer's program if you want to see physical results.

• Ideally, your whole family is on board with this change in your dog's training lifestyle. Please understand, I recognize your dog absolutely has the ability to be an awesomely sweet companion. As a dog trainer, it is my passion to show you how your dog can be an awesome companion on a regular basis. Frankly, when the entire family is not on board, it can be a heartbreaking for everyone involved. I want you to get all of the value out of each training program we work through together. 

• Some examples of your dog's training lifestyle change include, not being on your bed, or couch, regularly using the "place" command, and using the dog's crate when the dog returns home from training. -You will know when your dog has earned more household freedom. We will discuss this in detail during the board, and train return home session. Some dogs earn household freedom sooner than others. If you are in a rush to remove the dog's training equipment, and/or structured lifestyle (which includes "place", and the dog's crate), my program will likely not be a good fit for you, because your dog's unwanted behaviors will ultimately return. I want your dog to be happy and fulfilled alongside you and/or your family. Bad behavior expressed by your dog can be boiled down to this simple concept. Your dog is testing his/her limits within your territory. Your dog is under the impression that your territory is their territory. Your dog is constantly operating under the laws of nature. In the natural world, when an animal’s territory is encroached upon, the animal is entitled to defend their territory with a correction. I’ll give you an example. If you allow your dog to sleep on your bed, and you lack any kind of leadership role in your dog’s life, your dog has every right to correct you either through a warning growl, or bite, while you are in the vicinity of your own bed. That’s a pretty powerful situation there. So many dogs are surrendered to shelters and rescues every day for bad behavior such as this, and it is completely preventable, and resolvable. 

• Dogs need exercise. I understand with work schedules, health ailments, and even weather can contribute to not being able to meet the needs of your dog's exercise requirements. We can work together to establish a plan either via the use of a dog walker, or a treadmill in order to accommodate your dog, and facilitate peace in your home. 

Dog training is not a series of commands rewarded excitedly by a treat. Dog training is a lifestyle, rewarded by including our dogs in our daily lives. If you fully believe you and your family can commit to these lifestyle changes, please fill out the client questionnaire by clicking here.  

Visit the testimonial page to discover how obedience training has positively changed the lives of my clients.  

 Karma and Lupe and I during our hour long daily structured pack walk.

Karma and Lupe and I during our hour long daily structured pack walk.


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